Hey Pasha! I wrote on this last week - I defined four groups vs. two, and talked about finding the common ground between them also.



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Hi, i think there is a lot of good ideas in "finding common ground" posts. I would partition the groups slightly differently in 1st one. In particular, David Chapman doesn't strike me as an "ai ethicist" at all, his objections are similar in terms of their timelines (AI is going to be a worse version of social media). However, his other views are pretty different. Also what you call the "pragmatists" and some of the futurists seem pretty close to each other. For example, Sam Altman and Yann seem much more aligned with each other than either is with Elon. However I would not classify Elon as "existentialist" either because existentialists oppose his starting of openAI or truthGPT

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Those are definitely fair points (and shows the challenges of grouping a lot of different perspectives, things are tough on the margins). Just wanted to share a similar take on the topic!

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